Update v0.081 Paint Bucket

The focus of the update is the addition of the paint bucket tool and improved performance.


  • Added the paint bucket tool. Works with the CHR page and the Nametable area.
  • Added tool specific buttons for the Pen, Tile and Bucket tools.
  • Added contiguous paint toggle.
  • Removed shift and control hotkeys for handling when to affect pixels and attributes. These are now handled by the tool buttons.
  • Lowered NAW's fps from 120 to 30 for less intensive CPU/GPU usage. Changed from custom to system cursors as a consequence.
  • Added checkbox button type.
  • Added "draw pixel" and "draw attribute" options to the Pen, Tile and Bucket tools.
  • Added the zoom tool to the toolbar.
  • Added nam stats display. Mouse over the nametable area to get info on the status bar.
  • Added the hotkeys under the File menu.
  • Picking a tile with the right mouse button now also picks the pixel color and tile attribute.
  • Picking a color now updates the CHR page attribute live.
  • Optimized the color picker's performance.
  • Fixed issue with combination of auxiliary keys (control, shift, alt) and hotkeys.
  • Fixed a bug with exporting nametables 1, 2 and 3.
  • Fixed the automatic selection of which CHR page to set as active when importing a PPU dump.
  • Fixed the hotkey for saving the project.


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Sep 11, 2021

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