Version 0.102

Version 102 features several new tools, usability improvement and fixes! Here's the full list.

  • Paint Bucket tool: contiguous or global. Ability to restrict by selection.
  • Color Swap tool. Ability to restrict by selection.
  • Line tool.
  • Rectangle tool. Outline or fill.
  • Tile tool usability improvements. Select tiles directly from the nametable with the right mouse button or shift+left mouse button.
  • Selection tool.
  • Copy/Paste Nam tiles and CHR data with the selection or tile tools.
  • Pen, Line and Rectangle tools width setter.
  • Bitmap operations: shift, flip and rotate.
  • 8x16 sprite mode compatibility for imported OAM dumps. Select sprites using the OAM picker and move the sprite with the arrow keys.
  • Emphasis bits simulation.
  • User Preferences.
  • Auto Backup.
  • Crash handler. Will prompt the user to load the auto backup on open if it detects an unusual previous program kill.
  • CHR optimizer. Clear unused and duplicate tiles. Sort used tiles.
  • Fixed C Header export.
  • Fixed memory leak.
  • Import nametable as sprite data. This loads the first 64 unique tiles as sprites. The most used tile in the nametable will be considered as the "empty" tile and is ignored. Assumes 8x8 sprite mode.
  • Smart performance agent. Will slowdown NAW in certain situations to save on memory and CPU processing.
  • 64 bits executable as well as 32 bits.

Known issues: input boxes (such as when inputting the project name) are not always taking every keypress. Please double check as you type.

Opening NAW through associated .naw files causes errors. Please open .naw files using the built-in file loader.


Feb 01, 2022

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