Version 0.105

Here's the full list of changes!


  •  added the ability to import Aseprite palettes to replace the NES master palette
  • added the ability to swap tiles in the CHR page and also in the nametable. With the tile tool, hold control and drag. When swapping in the CHR page it updates all tile references to match
  • added tooltips to all dropdown menu items
  • added a load reference image feature. It is layered on top of the screen area or the tileset area
  • added export CHR page as PNG option (F10)
  • added export UI as PNG option (F11)
  • added paste special (automatically reduce image size to fit). Control + Shift + V
  • added a highlight color to the hotkey texts on buttons
  • added the option to select all sprites that use the currently selected sub palette
  • added the ability to select multiple colors in the palette and assign a new color to all of them at the same time
  • added a tile cursor on the nametable area and a minor visual fix for the cursor in the chr area
  • added hexadecimal notation for the numbers in the status bar. status bar visuals improved
  • added a menu option to revert the project to the last saved version
  • improved palette selection visuals: only one instance of the BG color, subpals in groups of 3 now, nicer selection frame
  • improved palette visualization. now it is affected by the emphasis bits (grayscale, red, blue, green)
  • improved NAM's "tile fill" function. now it respects "draw pixel" and "draw attribute" options
  • improved NAM's "tile fill" function. now it is restricted by the tile selection in the nametable
  • improved hotkeys behavior for the write tool: home/end/page up/page down/left click/right click
  • better support for ultra wide screens (now NAW shouldn't be bigger than the screen)
  • better image pasting from outside programs
  • better export filenames (previously just "output.extension" now auto suggests the project's name)
  • now forcing a conversion of only color $0D to $0F instead of many others
  • fixed the random nametable button. now it considers only the first unique tiles and ignores blank tiles after the last unique one on the CHR page
  • fixed a problem with selections that were not created in a top-left to bottom-right direction
  • fixed oam pencil drawing not registering on certain coordinates
  • fixed an issue when changing modules while the write tool's chr mapping mode was active
  • fixed an issue with input boxes losing special characters in some cases
  • fixed an issue when clearing blank sprites in 8x16 mode


Aug 16, 2022

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