Version 0.108b

New in v0.108b:

Big new features:

  • Free Draw mode! When on, drawing with the pen over the nametable will automatically generate unique CHR tiles so you can freely draw with no tile repetition.
  • Multi Tile Swap! Added the ability to swap multiple tiles at once on the CHR page and on the Nametable.
  • PAL module! (partial, doesn't save yet) Edit the system palette's 24-bit RGB values for each color. Reminder: not compatible with NES in general as the NES palette is not configurable, but this feature is provided for general pixel art usage since you can export PNG images with the fantasy colors.


  • Can now place sprites in the OAM module by selecting first on the CHR page and then clicking on the screen area (no need to drag)
  • Can now also import a PPU dump file from Nintendulator
  • Better visuals for system palette color selection
  • Now the CHR selection is maintained when changing sprite size


  • Added patron support credits in the misc - credits menu
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with undo/redo when changing selections
  • Fixed a bug where if you reloaded the welcome project and saved, it would overwrite the previously saved project
  • Fixed a bug where pressing ESC wouldn't deselect the first nametable or CHR tile if that was the only selection
  • Fixed a bug with CHR selections when changing modules
  • Fixed a bug with clickthrough on dropdown menus and popups drawing on the canvas
  • Fixed a problem with some selections with undo/redo
  • Fixed a bug with sprite selection
  • Fixed an issue with button overlap on the dropdown menus causing the item above the one clicked to act instead


Oct 16, 2022

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